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Juan Antonio Quintana

Breaking my own barriers

Apprenticeship1 min read

The truth is that I find it hard to write regularly on the blog. When I'm going to upload something to my own blog I try to make sure it's well worked and that's why I take so long to upload content. What happens is that I don't write every day, so I'm not practicing.

I have also realized that many times I don't even share what I write because I consider that everybody already knows it and therefore it doesn't add value, or directly because I don't consider it necessary.

I also give too much thought to what I write and I don't consider that it's wrong, but it ends up making writing in my blog something heavy and I end up writing every x months and not every day or every couple of days. Maybe what happens to me is that I'm afraid of failing or making a mistake and that's why I give so much thought to what I write and I don't blog so often. I'm going to change this and I'm going to write more often.

I have decided to step forward and take action. My action will be to write several times a week, to get some practice. I will share it here for myself, as a way of expressing what I learn and what I find.