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Juan Antonio Quintana

My first week as an apprentice

Apprenticeship1 min read

For this first post, first of all I would like to thank Carlos Blé for allowing me and my colleagues the opportunity to learn from him and his team in Lean Mind.

At the beginning as apprentices, Carlos recommended us to watch videos from a playlist he has on his channel that are called "Recorded lessons". This playlist contains recorded lessons and the videos that I have seen are really useful. In addition, Carlos also recommended us to start reading the Clean Code book by Robert C. Martin. In this book, Uncle Bob tries to make us aware of how important is to write code for others and not just for us.

In our first week as apprentices, Carlos suggested us to start reading his book and practice the examples using TDD (Test Driven Development). I have uploaded some exercises to my GitHub account. Also this week my classmates and I attended to the book club with Carlos and his team. In the book club we give feedback about the book and we also discuss some doubts that have arisen while we were doing the exercises, so Carlos or one of this team members can solve them. The truth is that I'm very happy with what they have contributed to me in this session.

I also want to thank Carlos for recommending us to start writing a blog. The intention of writing a blog in this case is that the posts are notes for me. As they are my own notes, when I need to remember how I did something, it should be easier for me to remember it by reading my own notes that having to look it up again where I found it the first time.

Once again, thank you all for giving me the opportunity to learn from you. Both Carlos and his team, as well as my colleagues, Viviana and Miguel, who like me are also learning with Carlos. It is a pleasure to work with people who are concerned about working as a team, helping colleagues, continuously improving as professionals, offering value, listening to the needs of customers and worrying about developing quality software. I am really happy and I love learning and working with the people who are part of this team.